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    Protect Your Information Castle

SecureOffice is a complete, secure, easy to administer web hosting, secure communications, IOT service provider system for business, organizations and individuals.

    About OpenWrt

OpenWrt is the high efficiency and secure Linux Operating System (OS) at the heart of SecureOffice.

    About SecurePBX

SecurePBX is a secure (encrypted) private phone system which allows businesses, organizations and individuals to easily and inexpensively replace their legacy phone systems while retaining their investment in existing phones and wiring.

    About VmWare Workstation

Vmware Workstation runs virtual machines (PC's) to host state of the art web, email and other services for SecureOffice.

    Quick Start

Step by step instructions for installing and configuring SecureOffice and applications.

    VAR Opportunities

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    IP for Developers

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